Welcome! Bonjour! Guten Tag! Buonguiorno! Hola! Zdravstvuyte!

The Sauerworld Team is proud to welcome you to the long overdue Community Edition Client of Cube2: Sauerbraten.

A client inspired and developed by the community.
We therefore invite YOU! to contribute in every way you want. Either with ideas, plain code or just comments you have about implemented features. The goal of this project is to raise the level of competitive gameplay and provide usefull features.

This project is still in it’s early stage and awaiting input. The code is made openly available to you on github and we will provide nightly builds here in our download section. We also provide a section where implemented features will be documented. Open discussions about features will be held in the Sauerworld forum. Make sure you also read the info and guidelines.
And please keep the nonsense to a minimum.

We hope you will take part in this pocess and enjoy it’s results.
~ The Sauerworld Team

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