Release v0.1

It’s out, it’s official, it’s not finished at all!

We are proud to release the first version tagged v0.1 of the Sauerbraten Community Edition Client.

ComEd v0.1 is here!

The features coverd so far are:

  • detailed ammo bar
  • chat colors
  • (automatic) client-sided demo recording
  • eased demo navigation via demotime
  • extra event handlers, e.g. onspawn
  • Flat GUI for a more modern look
  • frag messages placed in the middle of the screen
  • placeable game clock
  • additional scoreboard columns
  • score hud
  • in-game team health display
  • spectating from the followed player’s point of view
  • team killing information, e.g. getlasttkvictim
  • weapon accuracy variables
  • weapon trail customization

Make sure to check out /comed for easy access to the features.

As always, have a look at the documentation for more infos about the single features. If you found a bug or would like to suggest a feature, let us know in the ComEd section on the Sauerworld forum.

Want to help developing ComEd or contribute code you’ve written? Contact us!