So what is this – just another client?

No, this is not “just another client” for Sauerbraten. You may rather think of it as your own client. Although Sauerbraten has been around for years, it still lacks a lot of features desired by the community, many of which could be easily implemented.
Most other games allow the players to customize their gaming environment a lot more freely compared to Sauerbraten, which is actually a shame for an open source game. This project aims to open the game to more customization in order to suit the individual style of every single player. Technically speaking, it does so by making options the community desires accessible, while still staying as close to the original source as possible.

To clarify, ComEd is not a single person’s project. Instead, we invite the whole community to contribute. No matter if in the form of ideas or already completed lines of code, all input is welcome.

Although this is actually obvious, it should still be mentioned that we disdain any contributions which are related to cheating. Cheating is, in this context, defined as automated or assisted interference with user controls and any other changes that result in a clear advantage towards others.

This does, of course, raise the question where to draw the line between a feature and an unfair advantage. The purpose of the Community Edition is to raise the level of competitive gaming in Sauerbraten while touching the default ruleset as little as possible. We do not intend to change any physics or weapon options, although we leave this idea open for a possible following Pro Edition using a different protocol version not to interfere with the original Sauerbraten gameplay.

All changes can be discussed on the Sauerworld Forums and we cannot stress enough that the whole community is encouraged to take part in this process.

Interested? Visit the contact page to learn how to get in touch with us now!



ComEd is

  • an open source client that
  • everybody interested is invited to participate in and is
  • aimed to provide features that everybody wants, but nobody receives from the vanilla client