Official release (depreciated – use the nightlies below!)

Latest version: 0.1
Build on: Nov 18th, 2014

Windows Linux OS X Use the source, Luke.
Windows Linux Apple Rainbow octobiwan

Installation notes:

Locate your sauerbraten directory and rename the original sauerbraten binary. Then extract the archive and copy the contents into your sauerbraten directory. When asked if you want to replace the files, choose yes.

Important: Newer releases of ComEd contain several packages necessary to flawlessly use the new flat GUI (created by pix). Make sure to read the install.txt contained in the archive if you don’t know how to install it.


Beware! These builds are experimental and might contain not yet documented features. There won’t be any support from our side for these builds are not guaranteed to work 100%.

Latest builds: Jan, 2018

Windows Linux OS X
Windows Linux Apple Rainbow


For creating your own nightly builds, there is a buildcomed script requiring win, lin, mac or macX (cross compilation) as argument. We don’t guarantee this to work on your computer and won’t offer support for setting up your build environment. However, we share here some tips we’ve encountered, which can brighten your day.

The normal SDoS compile instructions hold:

The build system is not guaranteed to work on any system setup other than mine. This source is released just FYI, not as something well oiled and production ready.

To build, simply “make”.

Use the PREFIX variable to set the build flavor. Since I cross compile from linux 64 bit to linux 32 bit and windows, I do:
make PREFIX=i686-unknown-linux-gnu #lin32
make PREFIX=i686-w64-mingw32 #win32
make PREFIX=x86_64-w64-mingw32 #win32
Mac build works only on a native Mac OS. You need the Command Line Tools and an updated “nasm” (not the Apple stock version), then do simply “make”.

If you want to change the optimization flags, use the variable OPTFLAGS.
The cpu architecture (for example, “-march=native”) may be set with the CPUINFO flag.

For cross-compilation from within linux use multilib compilers and mingw. If you’d like to make your own OSX builds from within a linux environment you might wanna look at Thomas’

osxcross over at github.

One known build environment that can produce Windows64, linux 32&64bit binaries is a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.10 with the following packages: g++-mingw-w64, mesa-common-dev, libgl-dev, upx, gcc-4.9 and gcc-4.9-multilib & g++-4.9-multilib

If you encounter problems when rebuilding the dependencies, navigate to cd deps/ and try:

find . -type f -exec touch -r . {} \;