Sauerbraten Community Edition

A Sauerbraten client made by you

Zombie mod fix

Thanks to a report of Honzik1, we fixed the recent troubles with comed on Zombie servers. Please download the comed-nighlies, not the comed v0.1! Read more →

Release v0.1

It’s out, it’s official, it’s not finished at all! We are proud to release the first version tagged v0.1 of the Sauerbraten Community Edition Client. ComEd v0.1 is here! The features coverd so far are: detailed ammo bar chat colors (automatic) client-sided demo recording eased demo navigation via demotime extra event handlers, e.g. onspawn Flat GUI for a more modern… Read more →

Welcome! Bonjour! Guten Tag! Buonguiorno! Hola! Zdravstvuyte!

The Sauerworld Team is proud to welcome you to the long overdue Community Edition Client of Cube2: Sauerbraten. A client inspired and developed by the community. We therefore invite YOU! to contribute in every way you want. Either with ideas, plain code or just comments you have about implemented features. The goal of this project is to raise the level… Read more →